Any intervention in the ground or urban environment can lead to Archaeology whether on land, or at sea.

Projects we are commisioned for vary form small and 'to the point' to complex and perennial, and from policysuppport and environmental services via projectmanagement to the implementation of archaeological fieldwork. The way our clients like to work determines what we are able to offer. For this reason we prefer to work closely with our clients on every individual project. This way we can achieve optimal and innovative results. Our focus is always to correspond the commercial and financial conditions with the heritage concerns. Together with our network of specialists we are constantly looking for broadening, change and improvement of our products and services. We aim te make our products and services available to other sectors too. Here you find a small selection of recent projects (NL). These are updated regularly. Please do get in touch if you are looking for information related to a specific project.

  • Archaeological fieldwork
  • Heritage and spatial planning consultancy
  • Heritage policy
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Maritime
  • Project management
  • Research and publication
  • Specialist services