Project management

Vestigia is a leading expert in the management of archaeological projects,  on land and underwater. We feel just as at home in complicated  infrastructural development schemes, on major construction sites, utilities and renewable energy projects, as well as small-scale housing developments and farmsteads. Our experience, gained over 20 years on te forefront of Dutch Archaeology, consists of in-depth understanding of the many environmental and technical issues that might affect archaeology. Because of this, we can quickly identify possible obstacles or conflicting interests. Throughout the process, we work closely with our clients, their consultants and contractors and the commissioning authorities, advising on how best to fulfill archaeological requirements in order to avoid delays and achieve in time the necessary consent.

We can also be relied upon to make use of potential opportunities, mitigate negative impact, whilst ensuring the best outcome within budget and planning. Over the years we have developed a series of products and procedures – tailored to each phase of a building plan or project  – to do this effectively.  Our consultants are used to work as a full member of your engineering and construction team, coordinating and managing the archaeological work from inside the project. Alternatively, we can take on these responsibilities in-house, executing and delivering all archaeological work from start to finish on behalf of the client.

Services and products we provide regularly include:

  • Pre-plan quick scans and heritage risk assesments
  • Definition of archaeological scope and project design
  • Archaeological briefs and on site work protocols
  • Technical advice on In situ preservation and protection of archaeological sites
  • Advice and guidance on tendering and contracting archaeological work
  • Detailed estimates and costings for each phase of archaeological work
  • Project coordination, on site supervision and contract management
  • Design & Construct execution: all necessary archaeological and historic building work in one hand during all phases of the project
  • Post-excavation contract management, end product- and data control
  • Public archaeology, communication stratigies, press and multimedia information and open days
  • Placemaking: lasting reminders, information displays,  on site rconstructions

To illustrate how we work on site,  please watch the video (NL): Excatvation Kruisvaartkade 


Project management

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