Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Our clients rightly look for opportunities for multidisciplinary approaches within their projects. This not only saves money, but limits inconvenience and leads to maximum use of shared information. Whilst the scope for collaboration is necessarily limited by the stringent regulations and quality requirements that exist from field to field, we have been able to show the benefits of well-managed collaboration between the archaeological and other technical investigation requirements within many development projects. For instance, the combination of archaeological desktop assessments, historical research and the detection of conventional explosives (unexploded ordnance), or geo-archaeological borehole and trial trenching carried out in combination with geo-environmental investigations. In certain projects, the results from geo-archaeological research and modelling can also provide important supplementary  information for geotechnical analyses.

We are happy to work with you to find the most pragmatic approach to fit your project requirements.

Examples of the combined services we offer include:

  • Archaeological  research and conventional (WWII) explosives detection
  • Archaeological and geo-environmental soil contamination and ground investigation
  • Archaeological and geotechnical research
  • Archaeological and geophysical research and the detection of obstacles and underground cables and pipelines.
Interdisciplinary Collaboration

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