Conservation and restoration of archaeological and historical objects

Vestigia has a well-equipped workshop for the conservation and restoration of perishable archaeological artefacts and historical heritage. Vestigia handles all types of metals, glass, stone, wood, bone, antler, leather and pottery, small and large, from excavations, archaeological deposits, museum collections and private property. We can also advise on maintenance and restoration of objects in public spaces (statues, art, memorial plaques).

Our team of specialists, has a wealth of experience and meets all standards  concerning training and certificates.

A selection of the activities that Vestigia can provide:

–          Evaluation of museum collections and objects of perishable material in archaeological depots, including the drawing up of collection maintenance plans

–          Restoration of glass and pottery, and if necessary the removal and repair of previous bonds and repairs

–          Cleaning, impregnating and reinforcing wooden objects

–          Cleaning, treating, impregnating and reconstructing leather objects and utensils

–          X-ray examination of metal objects

–          Cleaning, fixing, desalting of iron objects (up to the size of naval guns)

–          Treatment against bronze rot of bronze objects

–          Cleaning and counteracting algae and mould on natural stone, injecting fractures and cracks and retouching additions if necessary

–          XRF analysis

–          3D scanning

All our conservation and restoration procedures will be documented and are accompanied by a restoration report, with maintenance advice on delivery.

On request, we can advise on, and provide practical support for, the recovery and transport of vulnerable objects out of the field.


Benieuwd naar de mogelijkheden voor uw project?

Benieuwd naar de mogelijkheden voor uw project?

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