Marine, Coasts and Rivers

Vestigia Coastal & River Archaeology specialises in identifying and managing the effects of development upon cultural heritage under water. Our consultants draw on existing expertise in terrestrial projects to provide both innovative and academically rigorous advice on the protection and understanding of all aspects of our underwater heritage, in projects ranging  from large scale strategic studies to small-scale developments. This part of the archaeological heritage includes the remains of submerged medieval and prehistoric landscapes and settlements under the seabed, historic shipwrecks and objects associated with our seafaring past, crashed WWII airplanes, and the underwater remnants of water management structures, industry and transport (docks, quays, landing platforms, dams, locks and sluices). Whether at sea, along the coast and foreshore, in rivers, canals or waterways, we adopt a highly practical approach to the diverse requirements of our clients. Whilst underwater investigative methods and techniques are improving rapidly, not all of these are equally effective for archaeological research. Our in-house team provides objective project design and management advice tailored to each specific situation. Together with our specialist maritime partners, we can survey large stretches  of the sea- or riverbed in short time using multiple geophysical techniques. If necessary, we are also able to draw on a wide network of national and international maritime experts, to explore, excavate and recover or protect objects of interest..

Our services and products include:

  • Maritime consultancy
  • Desk-based Assessments
  • Quickscan and Risk Appraisal
  • Historical research and georeferencing of historical and bathymetric maps
  • Wreck and obstacle prospection and identification using a wide range of geophysical techniques
  • Historic Impact Assesments (HIA) as part of Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA)
  • Archaeological assesments and evaluations for planning applications and environmental consents
  • Archaeological interpretation of marine geotechnical and geophysical data, including scientific dating and deposit modelling
  • Mitigation Plans and Archaeological briefs
  • Project management and supervision of maritime archaeological work
  • Archaeological evaluation and watching briefs in floodplain, riverine, coastal and inter-tidal zones
  • Second opinion and expert judgement
Marine, Coasts and Rivers

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