Professional standards and qualifications

Professionalism, experience and keen interest in Archaeology, Landscape and History are central key values at Vestigia. All consultants are in possession of academic degrees in archaeology, history, earth sciences or other relevant fields. In addition, most of them had many years of pratical field or research experience before joining Vestigia, and share strong communication skills. Each Vestigia member of staff follows an individual training plan related to their profersional qualifications and their respective specialist level of competence. All our senior consultants and  responsible archaeologists in the field, meet the requirements set by the Dutch Archaeological Quality System (KNA) for Senior KNA Archeologist or Senior KNA prospector. This means they are authorized to draft Archaeological briefs, advice on evaluations  and be in charge of archaeological excavations.

For internal quality assurance Vestigia utilizes its own Quality Management System, consisting of our certification scheme, a staff manual and quality action plan. All workprotocols and specifications are audited and evaluated annually to guarantee they fulfill the latest requirements and conditions, within our field and that of our contractors. Ethically we follow:

–          The code of conduct of the Vereniging van Ondernemers in de Archeologie (VOiA) Dutch

–          The Ethical code of the Nederlandse Vereniging van Archeologen (NVvA)

–          The Code of Practice and the Principles of Conduct for the acheologists involved in contract Archaeology of the European Association for Archaeologists (EAA)



Vestigia Archaeology & Cultural History  has been certified within the BRL 4000 Archaeology for the following protocols:

  • 4001 Archaeological briefs (on land- and underwater)
  • 4002 Desktop survey and assesment (on land and underwater)
  • 4003 Prospection and field survey (on land, including exploratory trenches, test pits and watching briefs)
  • 4004 Full excavation (on land)
  • 4103 Prospection and survey (underwater)
  • 4107 Watching briefs underwater

We therefore conduct all our archaeological work and services in accordance with the prevailing versions of the Quality Standard for Dutch Archaeology KNA).


Professional standards and qualifications

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