Corporate Responsibility

The market

The Heritage sector, in particular Archaeology, is in transition due to the effects of changing laws and regulations. The last few years have also seen the appearance of many new players within this relatively small market. These include:

·         project developers, builders, landowners, farmers and land stewards

·         local councils, water boards, environmental services, semi-commercial support organisations, provinces, the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands,  and lobby organisations

·         designers, architects,  heritage experts, engineering consultants and spatial planners

·         commercial and local council excavation companies, university research departments

These different parties regularly work together in projects, sometimes fulfilling  different or changing roles in the process: alternately client, curator, consultant or contractor. It can sometimes be difficult to see the wood for the trees, distinguishing tasks and responsibilities. Over the years Vestigia has built up experience and expertise working for all these different parties. We are therefore able to act as a reliable and objective partner for our clients, whatever the present role within heritage procedures or the planning process.  Whilst we never work for two parties within the same project, what we do offer all of our clients is the right combination of academic strength and practical experience, with a sharp eye for administrative and social relationships, that enables us to effectively assess and manage even the most complex projects.

The team

As a team, we are motivated by our subject and place a strong emphasis on job satisfaction as well as individual responsibility towards our clients and projects. To ensure the continued success of our company we are committed to be the best at what we do, delivering a good job well done. We firmly believe it’s also in our client’s interest to engage in and deliver high standard, professional best-practice work. that both contributes to the advancement of both practical and academic knowledge within the heritage sector and communicates results in an innovative and accessible way so that it can be valued and enjoyed by present and future generations.


Corporate Responsibility

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