Karen E. Waugh Foundation

Founded in 2020 the Karen E. Waugh Foundation was set up in memory of founder and director of Vestigia, Dr. Karen Waugh. As an archaeologist Karen worked in Great-Britain, Germany and the Netherlands. As director of Vestigia and as executive board member of the European Association of Archaeologistes (EAA), she was committed to improving international cooperation between archaeologists, raising professional standards and breaking down unnecessary barriers,  hindering exchange of knowledge and ideas. With a background in translation and having edited countless archaeological publications herself, the publication and accesibility of the results archaeological research across modern borders was essential for her.

As an archaeologist she had studied the mechanisms of exchange of goods and ideas across the borders of the Roman Empire in the Netherlands, Germany and Great Britain. From her own experience she knew the benefits of regular exchange of archaeological information and datasets between researchers, studying comparable aspects of material culture. She always strived to remove financial and organisational obstacles, especially for students and young researchers.

Sadly she was not able to complete her work. To cherish her ambitions and ideas, her family and company decided to found a charitable organisation.

The Karen E. Waugh Foundation (KEWF) is committed to expanding and knowledge and exchanging experiencse of the shared history –  and its material cultural –  of the countries around the North Sea. KEWF facilitates archaeological research, that  hopes to uncover the cultural and historic links across the North Sea. KEWF’s focuss is on supporting young researchers looking for cross border exchange and on making results more widely accisble by breaking down current cultural, linguistic or political barriers. KEWF does this by supporting projects, fundraising and coordinatoing projects when necesary. Eventual procedes will be used to fund future projects.

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Karen E. Waugh Foundation


Karen E. Waugh Foundation

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