Vestigia Underwater!

MSDS Marine and Vestigia are pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to enable us to bring together the extensive experience of both organisations for the benefit of underwater cultural heritage research, promotion, education, and enjoyment. The MoU will enable continued delivery of our high-quality archaeological services across the North Sea and into the Netherlands. MSDS Marine and Vestigia respect each other’s knowledge and experience in this field in their home countries, at the same time recognising that the nature of the archaeological resource spans borders and that international collaboration is key the effective investigation, and interpretation.

Both MSDS Marine and Vestigia are fully functioning, and successful organisations with existing management structures and staff. They are both recognised as market leaders in archaeology in the UK and the Netherlands and bringing the diverse skills of the two organisations together will ensure that we can maximise the benefit of our work by increasing public value and promoting good practice through innovation and skills development.

Mark James, Director of MSDS Marine, said ‘Having worked across the North Sea region through our development work for many years and with Dutch colleagues to deliver the #Rooswijk1740 project of which MSDS Marine are the UK project managers, we are delighted to be working with Vestigia through this MoU’.

MSDS Marine and Vestigia complement each other in delivering specialised archaeological services and by using existing networks. The Dutch market for maritime archaeological services is expanding, however access to the Dutch market is hindered by strict certification requirements and language barriers in tenders and for reports. The MoU enables us to explore opportunities and add value to our clients through each parties knowledge and expertise.

MSDS Marine bring two Senior KNA registered underwater archaeologists, Alison James and Mat Polakowski, to the partnership which enables delivery of underwater projects taking place in the Netherlands. Vestigia is a – under KNA/BRL –  fully certified archaeological company with a 22 year long track record in heritage consultancy and archaeological research and excavations on land as well as underwater.

We will be working on our first joint project in the IJsselmeer, not far from Amsterdam, later this summer and look forward to developing further links and sharing knowledge to support capacity building in the sector.